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What is Transgender?/what does mean to be transgender?[]

It can mean many things:

however, it is not (but these groups are welcome here):

What is transition?[]

Main article: transition

Transition is how trans people treat gender dysphoria. It consists of social transition, medical transition and legal transition.

But how do I start transition[]

for social transition there is no prerequisites (Other than maybe buy new clothes) to start.

for medical transition it depends on what standards of care your doctor uses

legal transition depends on the laws of both where you currently live and where you were born

I meant how do I actually do these things[]

We try to link to how to on appropriate pages but feel free to ask questions in the comment sections and one of our other users will be happy to answer your questions.

 What is gender?[]

Main article: Gender
  • Gender is what pronouns you want to be referred to by and what you want to be seen as.
  • Gender is how a person thinks of their own gender within themselves.(Gender identity)
  • Gender is the way a person chooses to present themselves to others (Gender expression)
  • What gendered roles a person plays in dating, social situation, etc.

In summary, there is no simple definition of gender.

What are these * users categories?[]

they are to help users who have questions a way to find a user that may be able answer the question.

how do I add them?[]

one way is to click the little arrow on the edit button and click classic editor and add the categories

The other way is to use the UserIs and GenderFluidUser templates

what is I don't know my gender?[]

We have template for that but can also ask in the forums.